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A spectacular tour not to be missed

Our guided tour through the vibrant streets of Valletta will allow you to discover
the beauty and charm of the fortified city built by the Knights in 1566. The Order
of St. John ruled over the islands for 268 years and left a unique cultural legacy of
which Valletta is the prime example. We first enjoy a breathtaking view of the Grand
Harbour from the Upper Barracca Gardens. Then we visit St. John’s Co-Cathedral,
including the Caravaggio masterpieces in the Oratory, the Flemish tapestries and the
church museum. The Co-Cathedral houses one of the most beautiful marble inlaid
floors in the world.

Going down Republic Street you will walk past the Grand Masters’ Palace and the
recently restored St. George’s Square before watching the Malta Experience, an
audiovisual show where Malta’s history throughout the centuries is brought back
to life.


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Co-cathedralFrom Wikipedia(View original Wikipedia Article) Last miefiodd on 31 December 2011, at 16:19From WikipediaJump to: navigation, searchA co-cathedral is a cathedral church which shares the function of being a bishop's seat, or cathedra, with another cathedral. Instances of this occurred in England before the Protestant Reformation in the dioceses of Bath and Wells, and of Coventry and Lichfield, hence the names of these dioceses. In France the bishop of Couserans (a see suppressed at the Revolution) had two co-cathedral churches at Saint-Lizier, and the bishop of Sisteron (a see also suppressed) had a second throne in the church of Forcalquier which is still called La Con-cathe9drale.FABULOUS POSTINGS! THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

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